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Friday, April 08, 2011

Game of Throne: LCG

I don't mind card games, which is probably a legacy of Gin Rummy with my family, Top Trumps at school and Poker at University. I have, however, never ventured into the likes of Magic:The Gathering.

My problem with that game, as well as the likes of Monsterpocalypse or Heroclix, is the collectable side of the game. When I buy something, I don't want a lottery ticket for my goods. I don't want to go into a shop, pick up a box and hope that the packet of crisps I'm after is in there, only to find that it's washing up liquid.

The Collectible Card Game (CCG) format is an entirely pointless system, only rewarding those who are lucky enough to get the cards they want, or have enough disposable income to buy either enough of the packs to find the gems, or buy particular cards for inflated prices.

The Living Card Game (LCG) format, on the other hand, is much much better. You want a specific card? It's in a specific pack. Sure, you may not get as many of them in the early packs as you want, and you'll get cards you're not really bothered by, but there's no randomness. No disappointment that you've bought something that's turned out to be a waste of time and money.

The Game of Thrones LCG, which I got for my birthday, is fantastic. Whether in simple 2 player head-to-head Joust mode, or in 3-4 player Melee mode, the game is fairly simple to learn, but incredibly in-depth. Immense amounts of strategy, tactics and decision-making go into each round, along with the good-old luck of the draw, as each House vies for enough power to win the game.

Definitely my sort of thing, based on exactly my sort of series, bringing it all to life through yet another medium. And, thanks to the TV series, lots of people are interested in having a go at it, so it's all good!

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  1. fair good review also benefit of lcg system is if your group is into it you pitch the 1-2 pound a piece in and buy the chapter packs between you and just take the house you want