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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Game of Thrones: TV

I'm a skeptic by nature. Assuming that X, Y or Z is going to be awesome 'just because' has never really been a part of my life.  So, when news of a TV adaptation of the first book of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, Game of Thrones, was announced, I was glad.

Glad because something I love, and have loved since around '96/'97 when I picked up the first book in my local mobile library, was being adapted to a different medium so more people could enjoy it. It wasn't automatically going to be fabulous, because God knows how many TV and movie adaptations of books, comics, and the like have turned into utter, utter shite.

But, slowly, as news has filtered out, as the hype machine has been boosted by fan websites, Twitter, Facebook, and HBO themselves, it's clear that HBO (and by extension, Sky Atlantic) have ploughed a lot of money into this in order for it to be a success. Sixty million dollars for the first series has been quoted, running at six million dollars an episode.

All those zeros means that they've obviously decided to do it properly. The casting, the script, the locations, the costumes, the scenery, the CGI, the production - all of them look excellent. There's no way to perfectly adapt what I saw in my head onto the TV screens, but holy moly, they look like they've come close. So close as to - based on the trailers, featurettes and 15 minute preview of the first episode - not matter a jot.

And it's got Sean Bean in it as, essentially, the main character. Sharpe/Aragorn/Ned Stark/Awesome. You'd almost expect the symbol of House Stark to be a whippet, not a direwolf.

I am so looking forward to this.

But, being HBO, I'm hoping that they've not made too much of the sex and violence, just so it doesn't turn into a fantasy version of Spartacus - which itself was just soft porn, and therefore pointless. Fingers (and perhaps on-screen legs) crossed.

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