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Monday, April 18, 2011

The similarity of it all

So, on NationStates, I'm a fairly respected guy, I think. For my involvement in the Sports RP side of things, what with the five world titles, the kit-making, the Under-21 Championship running, the Presidency-presiding, and whatnot.

They even got me a game-wide commendation for it, which is pretty cool.

What made me think, however, is that our In-Character events, feuds, wars, alliances and the like are pretty much the exact same techniques as in any form of storytelling. We all, of course, seem to be desperate wannabe writers, performers and audience all in one. As an entity, we're like the entire WWE Universe, in front of and behind the camera, as well as watching on TV.

We're the audience, because we read the RPs and are on the receiving end of the IC personas, and then decide whether we like them or not (either for the IC content, the OOC intent behind it, or some combination thereof, which separates us into marks, smarts and smarks). We're also the performers - or rather, Sports Entertainers - because we're the ones doing the actions, pretending the guy we like is a nation of people we hate as we win or lose against them. To a certain extent, we're also the bookers. A lot of what we do can decide who is the next superstar striker, the useless full-back or the crazy goalkeeper. As in Pro Wrestling, what we want to happen may not always come to pass, if our characters don't get over with the audience, or if the results don't come the right way for us to RP around.

The only real difference is Margaret.

Margaret is our random number god (or goddess, if you're being gender-specific). Margaret's influence is there every time a scorinator generates its output. The world title you thought you were booked in to win - after winning 100% of your qualification and Finals matches up to the World Cup Final itself - suddenly swerves into defeat via a 2-0 choke.

Oh, World Cup 30 just called, and they want their scenario back. Grrr.

What I'm getting to, though, is that playing the heel is way more fun. As lovely as it must be to step into an arena and have a large chunk of people cheer for you, the idea that everything you do to rile that audience on purpose is working, greeted by a chorus of boos, means that you're doing your job right.

And, what's even better, is when you become such a good heel, that the audience think you're awesome, and start cheering for your appearances. The crowd has turned many a wrestling heel into a face before, whether it be the likes of The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold, Edge, Triple H (and D-X in general) or, generally, any wrestler who's played a bad guy for most of a decade long run in the WWE, who's just so awesome that you can't help but like them.

So, Starblaydia is going back to being an evil nation. RAWRCRUSH came very easily, turning up the natural Starblaydi arrogance to eleven, and the 5 world championships, which is still a record, is ripe to be turned into '-A RECORD FIVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS'. It's great fun being the bad guy, as everyone wants a shot at you, and everyone loves to get one over on you - if they can.

Starblaydia's going nasty, again. And I'm gonna love it. Now I just need to work it in to my RPing. Luckily, World Cup 55's RP thread is upon us, so I'm going there to think of something.

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