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Monday, May 23, 2011

Apocalypse Macho

The Rapture was coming.

No really, it was. After working out that the great flood was in precisely 4990B.C., somehow 7000 years later (remembering to take account of the fact there was no year zero AD, of course) it was going to be the Rapture.

The good would get taken up to heaven, and the bad would be left to burn when the world ended, for some reason, in October. In preparation for this, some generous types were charging these mis-guided Christians $135 to pick their pets up and take care of them after they'd been "Raptured" up to Heaven.

Non-refundable, of course.

It was supposed to take place on May 21st, 2011, but they, and indeed God himself, hadn't reckoned with the Macho Man. Randy Poffo, better known as Randy Savage. Better known by OHHHHH YEEAAAAAHHHHH! Randy Savage passed away at the age of 58 on May 20th, after a heart attack while driving. The next day, the Rapture didn't happen, and the accompanying artist's impression is our only explanation as to why.

Macho Man was great to watch and great to listen to, and certainly deserves a posthumous place in the WWE Hall of Fame - from fueding with Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and Sgt Slaughter to his time with the Mega Powers, the Macho Man was simply larger than life, a character so big that you couldn't ignore him.

It's no co-incidence, of course. There's no other possible reason that the Rapture didn't happen, right?

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