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Friday, May 06, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Trilogy Aftershocks

There's been a few momentous, world-wide happenings over the last few weeks, and there's been a lot of things going on in my life around this time, too, so let's count them up.

A holiday in south Wales over Easter, a Royal Wedding, a crapload of gardening, Osama Bin Laden being shot dead, Starblaydia undefeated in World Cup Qualifiers so far, an Alternative Vote Referendum, the NAF Blood Bowl Championship this weekend - with my hopeful appearances on both the Zlurpcast and Three Die Block because of it - and a Champions League final decided.

Pretty hectic, eh? Must be thanks to summer coming up soon and everything starting to kick off again.

But I don't always like to write about the glaringly obvious national pieces of news because, let's face it, they're done to death everywhere else. I've already had to write a double page spread about the build-up to the Royal Wedding, for instance, so there's no chance of me writing any 'reaction' posts about it.

Instead, something fairly random - the return of the Cherry Cup to NationStates.

The Cherry Cup was the first sports tournament I participated in on NS, and it gave me a somewhat unique view of the way Sports should be carried out on a Forum-based Roleplaying game. Firstly, it was scorinated with Dice. Yep, none of your fancy excel spreadsheets or custom-built programming language scorinators here, just some guy (The Gulf States, at the time) rolling dice and bringing out results. Pure and simple. Oh, and there was a lot of crazy stuff, great humour, and not a great deal of boring, newspaper-style match reports.

With some highs and lows throughout the Group Stage, my Starblaydi team managed to win the whole thing. I never figured my country would be good at a sport like Ice Hockey, so this opened up a whole new avenue to explore. Away from the typical English sports of Football, Rugby Union and various Motorsports that I competed in at the time, there were two reasons for entering the Cherry Cup.

The first is that I had an old Demo of NHL 98, which gave you one game of the Philadelphia Flyers Vs Detroit Redwings. It was nice and simple, an easy little game to get to grips with (as all of EA's sports franchises were in the mid to late 90s before the accompanying soundtracks became more important than the gameplay). I almost always picked the Flyers, with my scoring led by John LeClair, and that was, largely, my entire knowledge of Ice Hockey.

Not quite, though.

The rest of my opinions and grasp of Ice Hockey were formed by watching the Mighty Ducks trilogy. Emilo Estevez in a Go-USA kids sports movie - what more do you want? Definitely my guilty pleasure as far as movies go.

So that was my Ice Hockey initiation before NS. Since then, I've learned absolutely nothing more about it, but have had a hell of a lot of fun creating, exploring and developing the characters of my various Dwarf players (illustrated, of course) and the random adventures they get up to, inflicting cracked skulls and Multiple Axe Wounds everywhere they go. I'm really glad it's back, after so long since Rorysville killed it by scorinating himself to a win. This one really is all about RPing the fun while the scorelines are beside the point.

Oh wait, tell a lie, I know a third thing about Ice Hockey: Wayne Gretsky.

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