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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shattering the Illusion

I like the concept of reality shows that eliminate contestants, in general. Whether it's The Apprentice (which the US does better) or The Contender (which the US did better), X-Factor, Masterchef, whatever.

This is probably because I like to judge people. Give me a gavel in one hand and a noose in the other and I'm set. Anyone who goes on such things is simply asking to have their every move scrutinised and picked apart, before eventually being kicked off thanks to a pithy comment.

As I'm on a general WWE vibe at the moment, I started watching the latest series of Tough Enough. This, unsurprisingly, is where X amount of contestants try to get themselves a WWE contract, with one being eliminated each week.

The only problem, though, is that the suspension of disbelief is, well, suspended itself. Seeing people who have never wrestled before being thrown around and taking body slams and the like with no ill effects means that when we next see, say, Randy Orton scoop slam whoever's just charged at him, we know that bar hitting the deck, it doesn't really hurt.

Not as much as they pretend it does, at least.

It's like when Sin Cara faced Primo on a recent episode of... whichever one it was. RAW or Smackdown or Superstars, they're interchangeable now. The end spot was some sort of impressive move from the top rope where Sin Cara does a backflip, while Primo does a forward flip, in order for them to come crashing down to cries of 'Holy Shit', while Sin Cara got the pin.

The set-up was simple, Primo goes to sit on the top rope, Sin Cara kicks him in the head, climbs up and bang, highflying spot. Unfortunately, as Sin Cara climbed up, Primo slipped and sat back down on the turnbuckle, sending Sin Cara from the top rope to the outside, where he promptly gets back up, and goes to do the whole piece again from start to finish.

Wait, you missed the part where he fell from the top rope to the outside? That's supposed to hurt, remember? Like it does every other time someone does it, accidentally or otherwise.

Despite that, though, Tough Enough is still a good watch.

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