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Monday, June 06, 2011

Internet Fame at Last! Kinda.

For those coming via Three Die Block's episode link, or Zlurpcast's tweet, here are some quick links to my two NAF Championship blog posts:

Now back to your scheduled blog post. I like Blood Bowl Podcasts - that should be obvious by now - and the top two (out of two current) are Three Die Block and Zlurpcast. Listening to a couple of years worth of podcasts each, you get to know the personalities involved: Jonny P, Chance, Extreme, Pauly and even the 3DB producer, Craig. You listen to the guests on the show talking about teams, tactics, tournaments and the like, and it feels like geek-oriented radio.

Like many people, I imagine, I figured that interaction would be a one-way process, that was until I sent off e-mails to both shows to find out if they'd like us to do any recording or reports for them at the NAF Championship - The Blood Bowl.

Both, thankfully for me, thought it'd be a great idea. 3DB were going to Skype us during the weekend, while we were going to record some interviews for Zlurpcast. This turned into 3DB Skyping us both days, and Zlurpcast Skyping us for a good deal of time for a series of interviews. This was a decent plan, even if it required the Americans to get up at 6am in order to catch us at lunchtime!

It nearly all went wrong when my HTC Desire 'smart' phone (with a 'stupid' battery) decided that it liked overheating after two minutes of being on the internet with data roaming. Great start, there. Thankfully my good friend Roy was there with his iPhone to the rescue, enabling audio to be sent around the globe.

It was very weird to chat to Chance, Pauly and Jonny P, as usually no matter how much you yell at your generic mp3 player, they don't respond. But, on the other end of Skype, they do! I had a good laugh with them all, and fingers crossed to see some or all of them at a future NAF Championship (or, in fact, to see any and all of them at all). Listening back (insert usual "omg do I actually sound like that?" comment) there are many things that I now wish I'd added at the time, but that's the curse of interview hindsight.

So, to listen in on what I had to say, go to both 3DB and Zlurpcast, and hear me witter randomly on about the NAF Championships for a while. Plus also Roy, Dave (Canteloup) Arthur Iwkpwn, Pressie and Tim with their contributions. Plus also I need to thank Tom (nonumber on TFF) again for letting me chat to Chance during our Round 5 match.

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