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Sunday, June 12, 2011

King of Fighters

I used to be a console gamer. My Sega MegaDrive collection was second to none, for instance, with many excellent games that you could play long into the night. I was a console gamer, let's face it, because PC games of the time were generally not great, purely because a desktop PC still a 'serious' piece of kit.

Then things like Syndicate came out, on four floppy disks (kids, ask your parents), X-Wing, Day of the Tentacle, Command and Conquer. Slowly, the PC grabbed my gaming attention and console games - while getting ever prettier and yet somehow ever crappier - soon lost their fun for me.

Somewhere along the way I got myself a PS2, and it's perhaps the least-used bit of hardware I've ever picked up. WipeOut, Gran Tourismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2... that's about it. The games I've probably played the most on it have been a couple of Lego:Star Wars, because those are fabulous.

That and Tekken. My fighting games started with Yee Ar Kung Fu on the Spectrum, then moved up to Street Fighter 2 on the MegaDrive, SNES and the occasional Arcade I managed to get to. My favourite fighters were always Ken and Guile - I do love a blond, evidently - and Mortal Kombat (bar the first movie) never held any sort of sway over me at all. The atrocious blood spatters and gory fatalities were for people who didn't know any better, people who I'd later describe as n00bs.

But then, while at University, Tekken came along into my world. First via the original Playstation (which I believe was Tekken 2 or 3), then on to the PS2 with Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, and the point where I stopped, Tekken 5.

Afte re-starting a bit of a gaming vibe thanks to messing around on an Xbox, I flicked through my collection of PS2 games, once I literally had to blow the dust off the top of the machine. Hiding underneath Pro Evo Soccer 2 was... Tekken 5. It's amazing how trying my favourite character - Paul (American blonds again) at Master level (still never got him to Tekken Lord, it seems) in the Arcade version yielded a victory, while then trying someone like King - who I've always liked but never got to grips with - at Beginner meant a crushing defeat. I'd also forgotten about the costume customisation of fighters, something which immediately keeps me coming back for more.

And now, with plans afoot for an Xbox (mostly for the Kinect, really) I see that Tekken 6 is available for... Xbox. And so will the Tekken Vs Streetfighter (and vice versa) games. Ohhhhhh yeaaaaah! Something for the shopping list later, definitely. Tekken is still the greatest of fighting games.

But, as good as these new games can look, move, sound and immerse you, will they ever beat the simple fun of Yie Ar Kung-Fu?

Yes, yes they have. Repeatedly. Technology marches onwards!

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