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Monday, June 20, 2011

Longwinded but not too horrible

The only problem with my phone - before I dropped it, of course - was the fact that it developed an overheating problem.

Whenever I was on the phone for about half an hour, or was using wi-fi for about ten minutes, or using data roaming for around two minutes, the phone would become too host, switch itself off and attempt to re-start. It would then re-start again, having not cooled down, and go into an endless cycle of start-up, overheat and reset.

The only way to stop it is to pop the back cover off, take out the battery, and wait for the phone to cool down. It wasn't the battery that was getting hot, but the guts of the phone itself, heating up both the SIM Card and SD Card. This was annoying, but I could get round it (by basically not being on the internet at all outside of a wi-fi connection). Then I dropped it on the floor, and with a massive   crack across the screen, have to get a new one by claiming on the insurance.

So I ring up 02, who eventually tell me that my insurance is actually with Carphone Warehouse and that I should go to them. So I ring up CPW and they say I need to go into a store. So I go into a store, and they tell me that my insurance is for my previous phone, a Motorola K1, and doesn't cover the Desire.


But, I say, I asked a sales guy at the time if my insurance would carry over ('migrate' to use the technical term), and he said yes. So that didn't happen. So, they say they'll bring up the call, recorded on their system, and get back to me.

They call me up today to tell me that they've found 'in my favour' (in yo' face, bitches) and I have two options. I can either receive a full refund of £53.91 for the pointless insurance that I've been paying since I got the new phone, or I they can raise £294-something for a replacement handset for me. Gee, I didn't know which one to pick. Oh wait, the new, free phone option!

All I have to do now, apparently, is walk into a CPW store, give them my account number, and they'll see a lovely voucher on my account notes and hand over a new HTC Desire. There is, however, a possible problem, in that the store may not be able to sell me a sim-free Desire for that price. I might have to have a Pay as You Go phone, and require to pay for a £10 top-up. Which is strange, and feels like a sneaky way of getting out of just giving me a new phone, but it's better than paying some excess or forking out for a whole new phone.

And, once I've got that, I'll see about getting some insurance on it again for the first time. With 02, though. That's assuming there are no more hiccups, of course.

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