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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Pro Painter Is Me! Honest.

From now on, every painted miniature I sell on ebay can now be given the almost ubiquitous 'Pro Painted' tag, for I have completed my first painting commission - involving actual money - of a Shadowforge Elf team.

Thankfully, the picture will enlarge when you click it. These were quite fun models to paint, and I'd figured that the Shadowforge stuff would look a little lightweight when compared to 'official' GW models, but that's not the case at all, as they fit right in, size-wise.

With painted washers stuck to their bases to help differentiate the players, a style of numbering on the bases that I've seen and stolen from a thread on Talk Fantasy Football combined with my usual style of base colour, wash and highlight... I think this team has come out pretty well. I'm rather pleased with them!


  1. Nice! I like those skin tones :)

  2. Thanks Pressie, it's amazing what Devlan Mud can achieve when put in the right areas on top of the various flesh colours... I love GW washes, they're excellent.