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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Season Two: Go!

Last night saw Portal Wargaming Club crammed with Blood Bowl action, as one Friendly and seven League matches took place. All but one of the 16 League members turned up to get their teams on the pitch, and even then the only no-show was pre-scheduled due to work commitments.

As it was, my Chaos lost 2-1 to the High Elves I'd so recently painted. Though he won it on Turn 16 with a typical Elf aerial game, and managed to give one of my Chaos Warriors a Niggling Injury, I managed to kill one of his 2 Blitzers and one of his 4 Catchers. Kill. Dead. Both of them. Oh, and my Killer, Scoring, MVPing Beastman is now Agility 4. Woo-hoo!

This match went fairly well, yet fairly badly, for both of us. We both had just 11 players, opting for more re-rolls (three in his case, four in mine), and quickly I was down to 8 men on the pitch. The Chaos held their own when short-handed, however, giving me hope for the future that I'm managing to learn to play them a little better. A Chaos Warrior down for a match against Necro won't be too great, but at least I can afford another Beastman to save any loners. Or, should I pick up an Apothecary and get the Loner anyway?

Either way, the Inevitable City Colts start with a 2-1 loss to the Multiple Scoregasms. Elsewhere in the Iceman Division (the other Divisions being Angel, Beast and Cyclops) there was a real slobberknocker of a match between Orcs and Norse, and the last time I looked they were at 0-0 with about half the teams in the KO'd and D&I boxes.

Wood Elves (Harry's Got Wood) and Gobbos (Trickygitz) fought out a 2-2 draw, and Necro drew with Nurgle 1-1. Slann demolished last year's League champion, who was starting with a fresh Dwarf team, 3-1. This included a strength-broken Dwarf Blitzer. Khemri had the edge over Undead, 2-1, while our second High Elf team breezed past our second Orc team (and Season 1 Wooden Spoon winner) 4-0.

The friendly match saw Roy's Ogres bash Tom's Chaos Dwarfs 2-0, including casualties against a Minotaur, a Bull Centaur and a single Ogre. Plus a Snotling died, but that's only 20k down the drain, at least. Next up are the first round of inter-divisional matches, as the top, two middle and bottom ranked teams from each group go to play a similarly-matched opponent!

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