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Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Smashing Crap

Yesterday I managed to drop my phone. I have a lovely little leather case thing to hold it in, but that didn't help as I was on the phone at the time. Not only did it fall to the floor, but it fell on its screen.

On to gravel.

The screen cracked. Then it cracked a little more, all the way through. It still works, touch screen and everything, but a crack in a phone screen when the screen is the phone, that's a little different.

When combined with the horrible overheating problem when its on data roaming and/or using a web browser for more than a couple of minutes, this is now something that needs to be fixed.

Thankfully, I've been paying 02 some insurance for this damn phone, so they should be able to sort it out. Fingers crossed for seeing how easy it is.

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