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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work or Shoot? Still Brilliant.

CM Punk's sit-down promo at the end of the RAW Roulette show last night was brilliant. I still don't know how much was worked to sell Money In the Bank Pay Per Views, and how much was Punk just shooting off about his frustrations with the WWE.

The fact that people are even wondering whether this was a shoot, a work or some combination thereof immediately makes it the best thing to happen to the WWE since... the Nexus appeared to beat down everyone, probably? It takes a lot for a RAW to make me think "I gotta watch that next week!", and this promo just did.

His match earlier with Kane was odd. It was odd to see him come out to interfere with the Cena/Truth match in a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt. But, when he sat down at the top of the ramp, something great was going to happen. Far better than his sit-in protest when he started making snow angels in the middle of the ring. Everything that came out of his mouth after was genius.

Noticing that he was breaking the Fourth Wall, saying 'Hi' to Colt Cabana, calling Triple H a doofus, referencing Heyman/Lesnar, coming to the 'realisation' that holding any of the title belts was essentially pointless... even down to having a go at the people who were cheering him at the time because their money wasn't spent on his merchandise.

Whether Creative have had any involvement in it or not, this was a very good piece of TV that makes me want to watch next week. It's just a shame about the previous one hour and fifty-five minutes of dross...

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