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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Over, Money & Push

These are the three words that are key to the career of any professional wrestler (or 'sports entertainer'). The fans have got to connect with you, be you hero or villain. They've got to fork out their cash for your branded merchandise and events you appear at. You've also got to be given the opportunities.

Right now, someone like Zack Ryder is over. He's over in places far, far beyond his hometown of Long Island, NY (which is why he is the Long Island Iced Z, and randomly gives those L and I signs).  His ratio of TV time to how over he is, if there is such a thing, is phoenomenal. A variety of Zack Ryder signs appear at every taped WWE show, even when he's nowhere near the action.

On Smackdown! this week, Michael Cole very pointedly stated that Ted DiBiase Jr had 150,000 followers on Twitter (having just checked it's a little over 126,000). The young DiBiase was once in a team/stable with Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes, and currently is featured on Smackdown! every week. Not to mention any positive feelings via his famous wrestling famous father, the Million Dollar Man.

Zack Ryder on the other hand, with the occasional appearance on Superstars and NXT (i.e. essentially zero TV time), has 136,000 - almost 10,000 more.  As far as any rub off from more famous (and over) people goes, he once dressed up like Edge.

This is all because, of course, of his Youtube series: Z! True Long Island Story. We know his catchphrases, we know his sense of humour, we see minor insights into his life and appearances from his friends (Dolph Ziggler holding his US Championship and also a Ghostbusters action figure, on screen for about a second, for instance). Because of his show, self-made, we connect with him and he's over. It's because he's on the backburner, doing his fist pump while not on the same page as the WWE, because his dad is a John Morrison fanatic, etc, that he's our guy, our underdog. For the WWE he's simply got a fairly tacky Guido gimmick, but we think he deserves more.

He deserves more than his shockingly bad entrance music (though at least that is instantly recognisable), as well as more merchandise than the atrociously simple T-shirt design in the WWE shop. Headbands for all the Broskis would be a good start. Hell, they could branch into branded hair gel and fake tan, for crying out loud.

Rumour has it that WWE has let him defend his self-created Internet Championship belt in Australia against Primo - who presently himself only exists to job to people getting a push, like Sin Cara... and maybe Zack Ryder?

He's over. There's scope for money. Now are they giving him a bit of a push on RAW? We can only hope. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It.

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  1. Good post here mate, really nice. I know that Zack is really loved everywhere that he goes, but we must understand that he is nowhere as good as he is made out to be. He's overstated and overrated, and the fact that he was omitted from his hometown Raw just shows what the WWE thinks of him.