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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Web Journalist Is Me

After having written a few blogs on the WWE, and having read a lot of the Bleacher Report's WWE Coverage, I figure this is something I could do.

So I apply, I send them my Zack Ryder article I wrote previously and, what do you know, they accept me.

What better to be my first article than one about Zack Ryder, refining the concept I originally submitted to them? If I can write the sort of articles that I want to read on Bleacher Report - assuming other people haven't written them, of course - then I can't do too badly.

All it means is whenever I'm posting a WWE or Liverpool (or, hell, any other sport) blog here, it'll likely be on Bleacher Report at the same time.

But hey, saying that I write for a sports website that's ranked inside the top 750 for global visits & pageviews (by alexa.com), that surely can't be a bad thing for any prospective CV re-write.

View my first Bleacher Report post here: WWE: Does Zack Ryder Represent a New Social Media Era of Wrestling?

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