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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Zzapp & Braiiins

We've played Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth board game a fair few times, charting the struggles of a the people of a small town in the USA against a Zombie horde. It's a great game, completely ruthless, and above all difficult. For the Hero players to beat the Zombie player(s), they have to really work together, or get some fairly outlandishly-timed amazing dice rolls and card draws.

So when one of our party rolled up with the Martains vs Circus Performers version - Invasion from Outer Space -  we were straight up for playing it.

Compared to LNoE the rules are more complex, with Power Tokens for some of the Heroes' special abilities, Ray Guns for the Martians (who are subsquently weaker in hand-to-hand combat), and the addition of other sorts of rules such as crowds, fires and death ray blasts.

This time, the Heroes won both games, but they were both very close, tense, excitement-ridden affairs. With plenty more scenarios to play, it's definitely one that we'll be getting out again.

Even better, though, is that you can combine both games for Zombies Vs Martians Vs Humans. Can't wait for that, it should be great fun.

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