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Saturday, August 13, 2011

That Time Already?

Almost exactly a year ago (368 days, to be precise) I was posting about just how much I'd missed football. The Premiership season was all ready to begin, and I was really looking forward to it.

This season, however, I've got bored before it's begun.

It might be because of the cricket, and England being crowned the #1 5-day test side in the world after absolutely hammering India. It might be because the Rugby World Cup is soon to kick off in New Zealand. There's the Olympics in 2012 and the Formula 1. There's Blood Bowl and there's the NationStates World Cup, too.

And I'm not ready for football again.

I don't give two shits about who's going to finish where, who's signed for who or which teams will be going up and down. Manchester United are champions and Liverpool aren't in Europe. Macc Town are still in League Two.

Let's analyse this a little more, as it's probably just all about Liverpool. I'm annoyed we've paid more money for Stuart Downing than United paid for Ashley Young. Hell, I'm annoyed we've paid money for Downing in the first place. I'm annoyed that Andy Carroll still cost 35 million pounds, and that Jordan Henderson is evidently worth nearly as much. I'm annoyed that I have to care all over again for the umpteenth time because, let's face it, it'll be the same old story and the same old cliches told by the same old 'expert' wankers on TV, radio and internet.

Give me a couple of months and I might care. But not yet.

Not even if we'd actually managed to beat Sunderland would I care right now, while a 1-1 draw has just cemented my mood. I'm not even going to watch Match of the Day tonight.