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Friday, September 23, 2011

Who the hell uses QR Codes?

These things are pretty pointless, particularly when they appear online. Who actually uses them other than trendy advertising types trying to prove that they're in with social media marketing?

Certainly not potential customers of a piddly little business in a small, crappy Midlands town, that's for sure. So, when I'm asked by a client to put one on an advert, I decline the opportunity.

Let them know you're on Facebook: fine. Let them know you're on Twitter: sure thing. Let them now you're in Linked In: why? Nobody outside of desperate businesses use Linked In either, so customers won't give a shit about that. Give them a QR code to your website: why? If someone is seeing your advert and is that desperate to see your website, guess what, they'll keep hold of the advert and look later.

What they won't do is bring out their smartphone, load up their barcode reader app, scan the code, connect to the web and go online to view your website on their phone. Anyone with that much time on their hands, or that much dedication to view the website right that minute, won't need the QR code becuase they'll visit the site anyway.

For most random passers-by and the non-technologically minded (of which there are many, many out there), a QR code looks like a printing error or a smudge on the page.

Just don't bother.

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