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Thursday, October 06, 2011


We'd hoped that Steve Jobs had beaten pancreatic cancer, but seven years after his first diagnosis, he's passed away. As my fiancée said this morning, seven years was good going, especially when you consider he was originally given 3-6 months back in 2004.

I'm an Apple guy. I only have an iMac at home, an iMac at work and an iPod, but the lack of iPhone and iPad is merely a financial constraint.

A decade ago as a Computer Animation undergraduate I didn't need a Mac and its cheap, colourful marketing techniques, as only PCs were readily available at my Uni. As I moved into Digital Photography and then into Graphic Design, the Mac was essential.

The age-old debate between cocky PC naysayers and arrogant Mac gurus has been told so many times, so the arguments themselves and my responses to them don't need reiterating here. However, put simply, I like my gadgets and tech to work properly, look great and be easy to run.

Apple products do all of this. Everyone else's don't.

This is why Steve Jobs took Apple to the top of the industry twice in his life. This is why Apple have more capital than the government of the United State of America. His input was one of the major factors in geek becoming chic. When founding Pixar comes fourth in your list of achievements you know you've done something special.

So, to the man who played the biggest role in putting great working, great looking technology in my hand, I say thank-you.

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