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Monday, October 24, 2011

Two is the Number at RocketBowl 3

The third Rocket Bowl - in Birstall, Leicester - drew 34 entrants, nine of who are in the Portal League. Burton was very well represented as was, somewhat randomly, Wales.

In fact, it seemed like it was the usual tournament regulars, plus Portal, plus Team Wales, plus assorted randomers (random to me, at least). But that's useless information for now.

RB3 was summed up for me with the number two for a large number of reasons. Firstly it's the second Blood Bowl tournament I've been to, following on from the NAF Championship last year.

It became the second time I've faced Roy, too, making this an official grudge match after his 2-0 defeat of my Halflings with his Humans. This time it was my Dead and Gooners Undead, and his Humans were beaten out 2-0 (aided largely by a 1 re-roll 1 as his Catcher tripped over the white line of the endzone instead of scoring). So the grudge was settled and we moved on.

My second opponent was Cracol, who Roy has played previously, and his Norse were excellent at taking my team apart and inflicting a 2-1 loss. I was doing ok, though, as I racked up some bonus points for having a couple of players sent off. Third was BidMadDrongo's Halflings, and my idea to take Tackle on both of my Wights bore some real fruit. With many Halflings being put off the pitch to their blows, I had the game under control at 1-0 until his team scored like only Flings can, with one of those incredible dodge-pickup-dodge-dodge-goforit plays that they are the masters of. He had nearly snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat, but I managed to get the ball 3/4 of the way down the pitch in my last two or three turns in order to snatch the win right back from the jaws of a draw.

By the end of the first day, the ever-impressive Joemanji was at the top of the rankings. Who was second?


Wait, what?

With the many bonus points for casualties, sendings off and scoring 5 TDs in my three matches, I had accumulated a large number of bonus points (which I think was the most at that point).

Day Two would either see me somehow hang on to that sort of lofty position, or (more likely) crash back down to my expected mid-table position now I had to play against the top tier of players.

I wouldn't exactly call it a crash, but I certainly moved in the expected direction with Day Two's results.

First Barnacles and I ground each other to a 1-1 draw, with first my Undead and then his Dwarves marching their way down the pitch for 8 turns. His was somewhat more successful, leaving me with only 3 or 4 players on the pitch at the end.

Then came Purplegoo's Skaven who, after I forgot precisely what skills Rat Ogres come with as standard, took me apart fairly clinically. Though I had a chance to pull back to 1-1 in the second half (ultimately failing a Quick Pass after two ghouls seized upon an opportunity when a Skaven faceplanted whilst trying a Go For It), Purplegoo sprinted up the other end to effectively put the contest beyond me at 2-0. Though I did manage to pull one back to make it 2-1 at the very end of the game, this felt more like it was because he didn't need to stop me, rather than couldn't manage it. Plus it also gave him a chance for a reprisal One-Turn Touchdown against me, but that ultimately failed.

And where did I finish? Second among the Portal players, after Rich overtook my tally of 50 points by just one, having racked up a couple of big wins in his Day Two matches. Tom managed to get a second win, beating someone other than Damo, while Damo also managed two wins, meaning our own little Halfling mascot came top of the Under-15s (of which there were four in total), and coming away with a great Space Cadet trophy. We're very proud of him, and he seems to have found his niche with Dwarves.

I also managed to have the second-highest number of Bonus Points, outdone only by Phil's Flings, who picked up the Most Casualties award thanks to fouling everything left, right and centre (and the three Treemen at ST6, ST6 & ST7 with Block and Mighty Blow surely helped too!).

Rocketbowl 3 was great fun over the two days, and I can heartily recommend it thanks to the great players and the great efforts of Pug, the organiser. Definitely going for next year's edition!

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