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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What do you mean 'I could have won'?

So, looking at the final RocketBowl 3 standings I came 12th, just outside my aim of the top 10 (of 34) but well inside my hope for the top half.

With 11 points between me and the eventual winner, Jimjimany, this begs a point to be explored.

I lost my last match against Phil, a.k.a. Purplegoo. For that I received 0 points, but had a casualty and a touchdown, bumping me up by a point each to 51 points.

Had I, instead of comprehensively losing 2-1, beaten him 1-0 (for instance) I'd have been in the tie-breaker hunt with Jimjimany and Joemanji at the top of the standings. One more Casualty against Purplegoo, too, would have taken me to 62 points, and the tournament victory.

O, M and indeed G.

Apart from the fact that Purplegoo is a far better, more experienced player than myself and his Skaven were able to take my Undead apart piece by piece and effectively score at will, I could be savouring a Championship.

That fact, however, is fairly enormous.

My games against the likes of Cracol and Barnacles felt fairly even, until casualties suffered went somewhat against me, resulting in a loss and a draw respectively (however I could just be deluding myself, and it's actually my lack of playing skill that resulted in the casualty swings and eventual negative results). Against Purplegoo, however, I felt I'd lost the initiative right from Turn 1 and never really got it back, save for when I took advantage of a failed GFI to try and equalise (and fail).

We could probably play our game ten more times and Purplegoo would win nine or ten of them. But there's a bar to meet, a level to get to and a challenge to rise to.

Bring it on!

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