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Friday, November 11, 2011

NewcastLOL United

It is a fact of life that sports teams will play in stadiums named after companies. When something new is built, it's often paid for by sponsorship.

You get your name mentioned absolutely everywhere every time a game is played, we get a metric fuckton of cash for it.

The thing is, this is usually done on a new stadium, not one with a century of history already behind it. Just when you thought it was safe for Mike Ashely to whip his shirt off and be one of the lads, he goes and does something like this.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's only a Poppy

No really, it is.

Why has, suddenly, the fact that England (and Wales, Scotland, and everyone else) aren't allowed any non-footballing symbols on their football kit created such a storm?

Yes, it's a tradition to wear the poppy on Armistice Day that is followed by a large percentage of the population of the Commonwealth and beyond. It's also FIFA rule that no religious, political or commerical symbols can be added to national team kits. The point is why make a bug fuss of it now, rather than at any other point in the last ten years when England have played a friendly or qualifier around the 11th of November?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Only a few days late

Yes, Halloween would have been a better time to write this particular review.

The Walking Dead: I didn't see the TV show, nor did I read the comics. The TV show contained Egg from This Life, after all, so that'd be weird for starters.

But, Roy loves The Walking Dead, so when Ben bought it for him as a birthday present, it was inevitable that I was going to play it at some point.

It's a different kettle of fish to the likes of gun-toting, chainsaw-wielding Last Night on Earth, being more of a strategic runaround, making sure you don't run over your own tracks.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Good Sequel

The second book in the Galatic Football League series, The Starter is the next audiobook I'm listening to.

Taking up from where The Rookie left off, the story of Quentin Barnes' career through the GFL moves onwards and upwards.

Episode two, in particular, had me laughing out loud a couple of times. I'm enjoying this more than the first one, so far, as the pre-developed characters are now really starting to take off on their own.

It is certainly more of the same compared to the first book, but without the need for all the exposition, As You Know speeches and intergalatic history, it flows much better. The conversations feel less stilted, back to the story rather than having to describe the state of this futuristic galaxy.

Plus, the main character is much less of a douchebag than last time, so that's a bonus.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

That's twice, dammit

The great thing about blogging is that I can look back through my posts and see what was going on. A bit like a diary, only not so gay.

It means I can see that I last had a quick bout of the two-day cold back at the beginning of March. After a sore throat for a couple of days, last night I couldn't breathe through my nose thanks to all that 'orrible gunk, and generally had a shit night's sleep and feel crap today.

Two of these in a year is at least one too many, if not two. Onwards, with Lemsip and a scarf!