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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's only a Poppy

No really, it is.

Why has, suddenly, the fact that England (and Wales, Scotland, and everyone else) aren't allowed any non-footballing symbols on their football kit created such a storm?

Yes, it's a tradition to wear the poppy on Armistice Day that is followed by a large percentage of the population of the Commonwealth and beyond. It's also FIFA rule that no religious, political or commerical symbols can be added to national team kits. The point is why make a bug fuss of it now, rather than at any other point in the last ten years when England have played a friendly or qualifier around the 11th of November?

Surely it's more important that the nation - as exemplified by the England national footbal team - take the time to remember those who died for their country, rather than have an argument over whether you can wear the symbol of it or not.

It's only a symbol, for crying out loud. You don't have to wear the symbol in order to prove you've got the sentiment behind it. Just have the sentiment itself. That's all that is asked, and that's all they need to do.

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