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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Only a few days late

Yes, Halloween would have been a better time to write this particular review.

The Walking Dead: I didn't see the TV show, nor did I read the comics. The TV show contained Egg from This Life, after all, so that'd be weird for starters.

But, Roy loves The Walking Dead, so when Ben bought it for him as a birthday present, it was inevitable that I was going to play it at some point.

It's a different kettle of fish to the likes of gun-toting, chainsaw-wielding Last Night on Earth, being more of a strategic runaround, making sure you don't run over your own tracks.

It's more about resource and follower management, risking encounters with what you have for some unknown reward. The winner is the first to scout three locations successfully, with each one getting harder as the game progresses, though your inventory, resources and followers should be high enough to overcome these, ideally.

Good game, though, a nice take on the type of game where survival is the only goal against a shambling horde of zombies, and not everyone will make it.

Now it's time to go and watch Season 1 of the TV series. This has only 6 episodes, though, soseems like British Brevity is finally translating to the US.

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