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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eggs Box!

So the house has a Christmas present - a fabulous new 250GB Xbox with Kinect. Family fun and fitness awaits, with a hefty dose of friends and... something else alliterative... fighting? Zombies, aliens, terrorists, whatever.

Lose a bit of weight with the Kinect, be a bit more social downstairs on the Xbox rather than upstairs on the Mac, plus generally get into the 21st century. To start with we got the bundle with Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Dance Central and FIFA12 - so plenty to be getting on with there.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You Know It's Christmas When...

For most people it's the Coca-Cola advert. Holidays are coming, and all that. It's interesting how even in our modern widescreen, HD lives, the same-old Coke advert with the trucks comes along in 4:3, as it always used to be. Instead of re-shooting it, or cropping the top and bottom off, they've put it up in all it's original glory.

Facebook was alive with the likes of 'Holidays are coming!', 'It's the Coke trucks!' and 'OMG Coke Xmas Ad!', illustrating its power and importance as a cultural touchstone.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Pro Painter is Me! Part Deux

Commissions, commissions, commissions. Well, three of them. But three all at once! That's in addition to my own painting schedule, of course.

One is for a Christmas present, all kept under wraps from the intended victim recipient, that is a re-paint of a Playmobil toy. The second is a Blood Bowl team for the same guy as the Shadowforge Elf team (pictured), this time it's a Greebo Silvania Elf team. Third and finally, as far as getting paid for it goes, a small Cygnar force for Warmachine, with some stylings in the manner of the Book/TV show Sharpe.