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Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Pro Painter is Me! Part Deux

Commissions, commissions, commissions. Well, three of them. But three all at once! That's in addition to my own painting schedule, of course.

One is for a Christmas present, all kept under wraps from the intended victim recipient, that is a re-paint of a Playmobil toy. The second is a Blood Bowl team for the same guy as the Shadowforge Elf team (pictured), this time it's a Greebo Silvania Elf team. Third and finally, as far as getting paid for it goes, a small Cygnar force for Warmachine, with some stylings in the manner of the Book/TV show Sharpe.

Then on my to-do list is my Impact! Gnome/Ogre team, though as Inkpwn's Golden Football painting challenge on talkfantasyfootball.org for December is Big Guys, one of those six Ogres just might get boosted up the list in order to enter. GM Punk, perhaps? Sounds like a good bet to me, even if he doesn't have a pipe bomb in hand. Though, depending if the Silvania Elves have a Treeman in them or not, it might be that in the challenge. We shall see!

Oh yes, and there's still my coaching staff 7 counters for the Dead and Gooners, as well as that entire Chaos Pact team. To the bottom of the To-Do list you go!

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