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Monday, January 30, 2012

I love your simple logic, Skywalker

I enjoyed the first cartoon adaptation of The Clone Wars, the Samurai Jack-esque stylings were fine at the time, and despite the first seaosn being all non-stop mindless (and pointless) action, it developed much better in the second season with an actual story arc.

However, looking back, it isn't really that great. So George Lucas decided they could do it again, properly. So Clone Wars became The Clone Wars, a 3D extravaganza.

The style is brilliant, the animation top-notch, voice acting great (even Obi-Wan's slightly dodgy accent) and with twenty-two 21-minute episodes per season (being most of the way through the fourth at the moment) the story arcs are all in place, the characters fully developed and all sorts of background information on the Republic era itself has been filled in.

It's entertaining, it looks stunning, and it's Star Wars with plenty of Jedi. What more can we ask for? More episodes!

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