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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Some times, I can't decide who I want to win the Super Bowl (which, with a simple typo, becomes a Superb Owl, which would be equally as awesome).

Take, over the last few years, Saints v Colts, Steelers v Cardinals and Colts v Bears, for instance. I have no positive emotional investment in either of them, so frankly can't care less who wins.

Teams who I would root for in the Championship game would probably be Dolphins, Raiders and Eagles - maybe even the Jets after a blog pointed out that they were the English football team of the NFL (in that they've won the big one once and will never shut up about it).
When it comes to the evil, nasty, terrible Patriots that everyone is supposed to hate, however, there's only one reason for me to support them (other than the fact they're really rather good): the QB.

It doesn't happen very often, hearing my surname in sports commentary. The last time it would have been mentioned was in the 70s, with Liam Brady at Arsenal. God alone knows my my Arsenal-supporting mother never tried to indoctrinate me with them, instead letting me take my own seven-year-old-glory-hunter direction with Liverpool.

So, (Tom) Brady it is.

Go Pats.

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