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Friday, February 03, 2012

It's Cold, So Man Up!

We can't all be a real man's man, not all the time. Only William Regal (pictured) can do that.

Dear oh lord, that was an atrocious gimmick. Some strange lumberjack/builder/tradesman persona which actually ended up looking gayer than Rene Dupree getting wood during a match. WWE needs more Regal in its life. Anyway.

When I got into my car this morning, the temperature diplay showed me -7º. When that sort of digit comes up in football scores, they have to spell it out '7 (SEVEN)' to quiet any disbelief at the thrashing one team or other is handing out.

So, as you do, I mention that it's -7º and pretty cold. Cue, within the time it takes me to get to work, four separate people from across my wide-ranging friends list commenting on it - one from Portal, one from Uni, one from Nationstates and one from the Blood Bowl community.

Every single one of them derided my cold-tolerating abilities, which I think is pretty harsh, man. Coming from the Highest Village in Britain I'm fairly used to the cold, to snow and ice and associated low temperature weather. Whether it was because they've got lower temperatures where they are, or a simple 'Man Up' type comment, I am evidently not the He-Man-esque tough guy I once was.

The "Man of Steel from Flash" (thank-you Mr. P) needs finding again. 30 seems like a good time to rediscover him.

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