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Monday, April 30, 2012

Not the Sauce

Let's face it, I've watched far too much Strictly Come Dancing in my life (I could end this sentence here, of course) to be able to resist an offer to go to a Salsa class.

Rather than having to get the drive to go for the first time on my own, a "you should come along" offer makes things much easier.

Despite the fact I've never had a moment's dance training in my life - the only steps I've learned are in Photoshop tutorials - I figured I could give this dancing thing a go.

Absolute beginner? Totally. This ain't Dance Dance Revolution to perky J-Pop tunes like I've been used to, but perhaps those lost years spent jumping around on a giant control pad to over 9000 BPM songs put me in good stead for this.

Or I could have just been born with rhythm. Ish. I'm going to go with beginner's luck or good teaching.

Either way, I really enjoyed it, from learning the steps solo and with a rotation of six or seven partners, up to the free-form social side of 'just go for it' afterwards. Definitely more fun (and cheaper) than the gym, never mind having fun and learning a skill, which the gym doesn't do.

Definitely going again, too. I may not be any good at it (yet), but here's to learning something new. As far as something substantial goes, it can be popped down on the old CV, if nothing else.

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