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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Monday night's main game - one that I've only ever played on an XBox a handful of times one evening - was Carcassonne.

It was great fun and an interesting game all the way through. Though I took an early lead with some tactical road placements, I ended up fifth and last on 50 points, with the winner on 81. Not a bad showing, now some of the more strategic parts to it have become clearer.

That was followed by perhaps the longest demo game of Last Night on Earth in the world... ever! Mostly thanks to constant South Park references (which were almost entirely done in their Canadian accents, buddy). Humans were absolutely obliterated in the Escape in the Truck mission, despite finding the gasoline on Turn 2 and having two sets of keys five turns later.

After that came a couple of games of Martian Fluxx, both of which I won. I need to grab hold of Pirate Fluxx at some point, too, either that or Monty Python Fluxx - the two pinnacles of the Fluxx stable.

Tonight, though, is my first foray into pen and paper roleplaying. Away from the likes of text-based forum roleplaying in the form of NationStates and similar and into the realms of, well, proper roleplaying.

Should be good fun too. Especially as the restaruant they hold it in does fish & chips for a fiver on Wednesday nights - bonus!

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