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Friday, May 11, 2012

Idling in Arcadia

Another blog post, another board game that I've played for the first time. This is one of the benefits of going to a primarily board game club in Coventry on Monday nights.

Agricola is one of those games you can play two different ways. Either you can try and build yourself a little farm to your liking, irrespective of what everyone else is doing, or you can go for the points and the win, denying resources and opportunities to the other players for your own scoring benefits.

So, as with most games, it actually depends on who you're playing with to define your overall enjoyment levels with it. Build your house up, fence in different types of animals, grow your family as well as crops, pick occupations and improvements. It can be a little bit cutthroat in terms of who wants access to which resources and actions for the turn, but generally it's a very relaxed game and is a fun way to spend 14 turns of farming, sowing and harvesting.

The only problem is the price compared to other games of the type, but when you consider quite how many wooden tokens come along with it for the many available players, it's pretty obvious why this is the case.

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