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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Lesser of Two Weevils

The selection dilemma at the heart of the English defence is a simple one - Ferdinand or Terry?

Do England select the lion-hearted, good old fashioned English Centre Half and trench warfare specialist who will put his body and soul on the line for his country, most notably during the national anthem when he's pretty much the only one of the eleven singing?

Or do they select the man with technique, class and positional sense to rival the likes of Paolo Maldini, who has twice broken the British transfer record in his career moves to Leeds and Manchester United and has been an England stalwart for over a decade?

Both of them are coming towards the end of their careers, both have been England captains in their time and both generally regarded among the world's best defenders. Unfortunately - if you've been living under a sporting rock for months on end - one is accused of racially abusing the other's brother.

'Obviously', says the media, it's therefore a case of which one of the two is picked. New England Manager Roy Hodgson has a crucial decision to make, they all say. 'They' being the football media who, if you actually pay attention to what they say, seem to know absolutely nothing about the game and are just after a good story. The answer to their probing, inciteful, not at all me being sarcastic question, though?

Take neither of them.

Remove the question entirely by bringing through some new players and give them a shot: Gary Cahill, Phil Jones, Phil Jagielka and Joleon Lescott all look capable of being international defenders.

So let's not rely on the creaking old bodies of these two over-thirties, who are far more llikely to either injure themselves or get themselves sent off through handballs and knees to the back than they are lift any silverware at international level. Rio can go back to his unfunny World Cup Wind-Ups show and Terry can go back to shagging  his mates' wives and resume his title of King Chav.

It's not like it'll really make a difference who we pick, after all - same results.

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