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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flame On!

Last night was beautiful. Gorgeous blue sky, intense sun and heat, the kind of weather that makes you want to sit outside in the pub. So waking up this morning with some pictures to take outdoors was not fun when I saw the grey sky out the window. Even less fun when I saw the rain falling from said sky fairly heavily.

The Olympic Flame came to Burton on Trent today so, what with living there and being the Designer for a magazine there, it was time for me to get snapping for a nice local picture of a national - even global - event.

It won't even end up an inch wide by two inches high in the magazine article I've written on the Olympics. There are countless pictures online of good-looking celebrities, young athletes and other local heroes carrying the torch that I could use. But this is local, and real, and relatable, so off I go.

There we plenty of people lining the route, most of them having brought their children along but even more carrying umbrellas. It amused me to see the difference in how people held their cameras: one hand out in front of them for their phone, two hands out in front of them for a point-and-shoot digital, or a bulky, black, twisty-lensy thing pressed to their eyes for those using a DSLR. Like I was (very professional, I know!).

The crowd were happy and actually quite excitable for 8am on a Saturday morning. There was definitely a sense of occasion - history, even - about some random person in a white tracksuit jogging past with a health and safety hazard and police escort.

Plenty of Police motorbikes were up and down the route, with some of them waving to the crowds, getting in on the action. The ever-present Olympic Sponsors were there as well, with Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lloyds each having a bus with music, dancers, TV screens and the like that came before the relay to excite the crowds.

Then, eventually, the procession arrived. People cheered, clapped and waved at the torchbearer (who, my research tells me, is either called Karen Parkes or Julie Wedgbury) as she was given the most difficult bit of the relay - an ascent over the railway bridge.

The rain had stopped, the sun hadn't quite come out but at least it was overcast and bright. As quickly as it came, the Olympic Flame was gone, with buses and police cars and mtorbikes in it's wake. But people were happy, they'd seen it for themselves, with their own eyes.

The Olympics will, probably, not be held in this country again during our lifetimes. The last time was over 60 years ago, and I'm not planning on living that long. This really was one of those unrepeatable moments: the manifestation of Olympism and its spirit of "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" has come through your town, in your country, for your Games.

Which is pretty cool.

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  1. Very cool, glad you got to see it. :)