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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Biting off more than enough to chew

Polish Language vs English Language
I like a challenge. The satisfaction gained from overcoming difficulty to achieve success is matched by few other emotions. It lets you go all Daniel Bryan for a moment and bask in your own glory.

The difficulty level is proportional to the enjoyment, of course. No sense in completing things on Easy mode, after all, unless trival goals are your thing.

So, with that in mind, I'm learning to speak Polish. Difficulty level? It's over 9000. Let's quantify that a little more, shall we?

Here's an excerpt from mylanguages.org, which puts Polish in their Top 10 Most Difficult to learn languages. It's up there with Chinese, Japanese, Basque, Hungarian, Arabic and Navajo:
Polish: This language has seven cases and Polish grammar has more exception than rules. German for example has four cases all of which are logical. Polish cases however seem to need more time and effort to learn the logical pattern (if any) or rules; you might have to learn the entire language. Polish has seven cases and Polish grammar has more exception than rules. German for example has four cases all which are logical, Polish cases seem to have no pattern or rules; you have to learn the entire language. Furthermore Polish people rarely hear foreigners speak their language, so with no accent or regional variation, pronunciation must be exact or they will have no idea what you are talking about.
 This, thankfully, is where technology comes in. The iPod with it's useful audio features for learning. Google translate with not only its spelling and (not always completely trustworthy) translation capabilities, but also now pronunciation guides.

The Mountain never comes to Mohammed, after all (although Ser Gregor Clegane vs Cassius Clay may well be one of the Epic Rap Battles in History that will never happen), but it can happen the other way around. Learning Polish doesn't feel like being trolled by the Universe quite yet, but the mountain is a high one. At least there's a weekend in Poland in it for me at the end of August to practice.

The difficulty level will just make the Yes! moment all the better.

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  1. Being understood when speaking somebody else's language is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It opens doors to new conversations and people... or asks for a table for two/the bill...