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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dafuq, Tweeps?

Unusual for me to post twice in the same day, I know, but this was too topical to ignore (told you I was refreshed, didn't I?): Twitter has it's weird moments and people on it are weird.

Maybe I'm getting old and prudish, maybe I'm not (or should that be 'no longer') some strange internet pervert or horny net geek. Maybe I've grown up enough to consider that how many square inches of flesh women show is not proportional to how much interest should be shown in them. Or maybe, attempts at claiming modern, enlightened man points aside, it's just trashy crap.

I'm speaking about one of the trending topics of today, #boobsthursday.

Here was the excuse(?) for lots of people to post pictures of breasts. Cleavage, nipples, bras, moobs, traps, fakes, pranks, complaints, jokes and social admonishment. All humanity was here, the whole lot.

As per usual on Twitter, it seems.

But really, why? If one wants to see breasts on the internet, surely Twitter is the last place to go and look. Not that I looked, of course. Much. Ahem.

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