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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fire Pro Wrestling - XBLA

The best part of any wrestling game for me is the CAW section - Create A Wrestler. As much fun as it is to be your favourite WWE Superstar, it's much more fun to play Booker, Creative and Talent all at once by moulding Joe Brown from Outta Town into the next wearer of the shiny gold strap.

What's also fun is XBox Live avatars. For games like Doritos Crash Course where your avatar is running around in a Total Wipeout style, the cartoony, Wii-esque look to the graphics is part of the charm.

So, when you combine the two, what do you get? All sorts of shades of awesome is the answer.

Costing you 800 Microsoft Points, Fire Pro Wrestling came out on Friday on XBox Live Arcade. It's simple, it's fun, and it's endlessly customisable. Whether you use your avatar just as it is on XBox Live, or want to dress them up in the latest Luchador stylings, gimmick outfits or simply put on a (very silly) muscle shirt and some wrestling boots, you can run around the ring performing headbutts, drop-kicks and swinging neckbreakers with the best (and worst) of them.

The moves, too, are so simple and so easily customised to create your perfect moveset that it feels so very easy. No incredible to pull off and difficult to remember combinations are needed here, oh no. Your four buttons provide attack, heavy attack, charge attack and grapple. When you're grappling, there are four different moves there, three you can change. Then throw in attacks from the top rope and to downed opponents, taunts and finishers (both for singles and tag matches), and that's it.

Not a lot of moves you might think? You can change them up between each match. Don't like your Lariat? Try a Big Boot, Headbutt or a Dropkick. Don't like the Bulldog, Vertical Suplex or Neckbreaker? Try a Fisherman's Suplex, Facebuster and DDT. The list goes on and on, with three hundred moves and their correct wrestling names, rather than the branded versions (i.e. Double Underhook Facebuster, rather than 'Pedigree').

Though your selection is limited to begin with, as you progress through the game your Wrestler levels up with XP and gains money to buy outfits, unlocking moves and ability points to make them stronger, faster, tougher, luckier, and so forth. Fight in the Casual, Professional and Underground competitions, each with single, tag, 2-on-2, handicap and rumble matches, or go online for the obligatory - and good fun - multiplayer Live matches.

It's all very innocent, over the top and tongue in cheek, exactly what the best of the Avatar games should be. The only controversy? It's not Fire Pro Wrestling.

Fire Pro Wrestling has a long history, going way back to 16-Bit consoles and beyond, of being the awesome wrestling game, featuring all your favourites from across the world (just with the serial numbers filed off to be legally distinct). 'OMG Microsoft you've killed our favourite wrestling game!' cry the fans of the series.

'OMG Microsoft you've made a wrestling game that I actually like playing!' I reply. It's only 800MSPs and there's a Trial version which gives you the tutorial section. Go and try it, because it's great fun, and I might even see you out in the squared circle.

Just look out for my Irish Whip into a German Suplex for the pin, it's a beauty. I'll be the one in the CM Punk original 'Best in the World' T-Shirt.


  1. Sounds awesome! I wish they had this for the Wii.

    1. It, like most of the Avatar and also the Kinect-based stuff for XBox, feels like a Wii game. This is definitely a good thing. Thanks for the comment TC :)