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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Longbow Hunter

Dark Knight meets Robin Hood meets Lost.

That's how I'd describe Arrow, after watching the first episode. Of course you'd expect the first two if you know anything about the Green Arrow character, but perhaps not the third. Although a mysterious island is the cause of his troubles, a dead father still features heavily.

This series looks lovely. Compare it to the Wonder Woman pilot and there's better acting, better concept and better action scenes. We're not expecting Royal Shakespeare Company here, but at least it's largely believable, plus there's Colin Salmon in there to lend a bit of good old English gravitas to the situation.

The set-up is nice, the flashbacks are in the right places and there's not too many of those 'huh?' moments where it lurches into realms more fantastical than what's around it. The lead actor is obviously too handsome to live, looking like a meatier version of Fast and the Furious' Paul Walker, and though his acting isn't brilliant, he does at least act like there's a personality in the character of playboy billionaire Oliver Queen somwhere.

The forty-minute episode kept me watching all the way through and thanks to the lack of backstory it's just complicated enough to engage the brain (only in cruise control, though), while still being entertaining. Nods to the rest of Green Arrow's history abound, with the likes of Speedy and Black Canary, though whether these are set-ups for future episodes or just references to keep the comic book geeks happy, we'll find out.

Arrow is something I suggest you go and watch.

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