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Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking Back at TNG

Tasha Yar's Funeral in "Skin of Evil" - Season 1, Episode 23
I'm not sure why Tasha wanted to be buried in Windows XP
Warning, copious Star Trekkery ahead.

After randomly catching some episodes of Deep Space Nice. I've started re-watching The Next Generation. I've always been a fan of it, tuning in for the first time as a pre-teen because my mother loved The Original Series.

Going back to the first series, with all characters yet to be developed or even fleshed out properly, the series does begin to show its age. This is, however, mostly down to silly costumes ('silly' in comparison to the sleeker look of later seasons and spinoff series, that is, it's all relative) and recycled plot lines.

As it goes on, the characterisation develops very nicely, and the writing is still of a high quality. Now, however, the 'Treknobabble' of realigning the warp core infusion pathways, or engaging trilinear quantum isolation filtering via a reverse tachyon beam through a subspace anomaly in order to magnetise the containment inducers (!) really amuses me. Ok, I may have made those up off the top of my head, but in-universe they're totally plausible.

It is, basically, not as terrible as you think it might be. The first episodes, first seasons, of DS9, Voyager and Enterprise were just as stuttering and misdirected, trying to conform science fiction into a regular TV show that wasn't entirely sure whether it was supposed to be comedy, romance, action, drama or thriller, so decided to change it about each episode until it felt about the right combination of all of them.

Plenty of the episodes are excellent, while plenty can be glossed over as being the fault of the time they were produced. This is the show that gave Patrick Stewart to the people who didn't watch any Shakespeare productions, the same one that made a fairly large chunk of viewers unfairly hate Wil Wheaton by association, and the one that showed us Marina Sirtis is smoking hot. Star Trek has always had this - whether it's the alien space babe every week in Kirk's adventures Troi, Dax or Seven, there's always the eye candy.

Some episodes of TNG were crap, while others were utterly brilliant. For a seven season TV series, it had a lot of quality moments, ones that I'm enjoying all over again from a slightly different perspective.

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