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Thursday, October 11, 2012

That was easy. And scary.

I renewed my driving licence this week, because ten years ago I acquired it for the first time and since fashions change, I need to update my picture to something hip and trendy. It's always nice to have a government department who are style conscious.

I couldn't be bothered doing this by post, which would involve finding (probably purchasing) a stamp and finding (probably stealing) an envelope from the office. Neither did I really want to traipse into town and a Post Office counter with details in hand to queue up and do it that way.

Do it online, it said, so I tried. After fishing out my 'Government Gateway' number, I logged in and filled in the details.

Did I want to update my picture? Of course, that was the whole point of it in the first place. Did I want to choose a different picture to the one taken twelve years ago where I look like one of those 'HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN? DO NOT APPROACH HE MAY BE ARMED WITH A BRUISED APPLE' Crimewatch posters. Of course I did. Now, pay attention, here's the science part.

Or, rather, here's the National Socialist Super-Science part.

Did I want to use the same photo as is on my passport?

My current picture was displayed. By typing in my passport number, up came my picture from that. Briefly I wondered if I could have my fingerprints, video rental history, retina scan and urine sample on the licence too, but that'd be too much like a life licence.

Life is based on the fact that government departments and corporations aren't talking to each other, and you can go about your business quite happily. But if my passport and driving licence are linked, what else is on there?

Hopefully it's my Cub Scout badges and awards. I was quite proud of those; I had a whole armful of activity badges. I've no idea what else it could be...

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