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Monday, December 31, 2012

The 2013 To-Do List

There's something about Resolutions for the New Year that almost immediately makes people break them, so I don't come up with Resolutions.

Instead I come up with challenges, because I don't like to fail, or to-do lists, because these things really do need doing.

So as the tidal wave of 2012 comes crashing down on December 31st like the Mayan Apocalypse of popular internet myth, the clear blue horizon of 2013 arrives with the following Noah's Ark of resolutions things to do.

So here goes, the short-term goals that will just happen to start from January 1st, 2013:

  1. The Arthouse Co-Op Sketchbook needs to be done by the middle of January.
  2. My portfolio needs a re-design. Again. Close but no cigar.
  3. My long-discarded website needs to move from a photography selection to my design portfolio (and does this blog need to go on there, too?).
There are several ('several'? Excellent!) other ongoing projects, too. I've got the school 'How to Draw' brochure on-going, some country sports greetings cards, a bit of identity branding to work on as well as a new piece of work that's just come in for gig promotion in February. It all seems to have got a little bit busy for me again, which means lots of time sitting at the computer not playing stuff like Star Trek Online and various other games on Steam like Airmech, Bastion and Awesomenauts.

Except as a personal reward after a hard day (morning?) of work, of course.

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