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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Creativity Dedication

Creativity always flourishes when those around you are doing something creative too. So, while my girlfriend Kasia continued her outstanding Butterflies project, I set about playing around in Illustrator.

As far as the Adobe Creative Suite goes, Illustrator has always been the forgotten child on my computers. Photoshop is the big boy of the family, as I used to teach it as part of Digital Photography and, generally, it's my first port of call whenever I need to do something creative.

InDesign and the essential Bridge, too, are part of my workflow, whether it's magazines, random pieces of paper, photography session processing, or whatever.

Illustrator, with its vector graphic capabilities, has always been the one I've enjoyed using least, partly because I was always thinking how I'd do any technique in Photoshop instead. When wanting to translate my sketch of American Dream - the female version of Captain America - into a digital format, however, there is no better program to use.

So we sat in my living room, me clicking away to make paths on my Mac and Kasia doodling away in neat, tight circles on her butterfly wings. This lasted for a good three hours as the muse descended on us both.

There's nothing quite like making art alongside someone else - it's something I've not really got to experience since my University days. Time flew by and I'm on the way to creating something I'm fairly proud of.

Somehow the pre-Christmas hoovering didn't quite get done, I have no idea why...

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