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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The DPS Boredom Rotation

Hunter's Mark, Send in Pet, Concussive Shot, Auto-Attack, Serpent Sting & Steady Shot. Rinse until mob dies. Select next target. Repeat. And this is fun.... why?

It's only the Monk and Shaman classes that I've not played up to level 20 or so before in World of Warcraft, so I know what I like and don't like in terms of WoW game play. As I've said pretty often in this blog, I often play a tank so the likes of Warrior is completely up my street. I quite like healing and don't mind being squishy, so Priests are fine in small groups. Combining the two for the various modes of Paladin is, also, awesome. I like Druids for their multi-role shapeshifter capabilities. The Stealth aspect of Rogues is generally not my thing in other games, but the burst DPS can be too cool to ignore. Mages and Warlocks, too, are brilliant glass cannons with some awesome powers.

But Hunters... you get sweet ranged DPS and a pet, which should be cool, no? No.

"After acquiring a pet at level 10, Hunters are one of the easiest classes to level. Having a pet to tank is like having an extra part member... Being a Hunter can be fun, and played correctly can be very beneficial to your party."

It's a bit like being a Warlock with their Demon pets, if you want, because you can send in your little buddy to tank, control or DPS while you blast the crap out of whatever it is you need to kill. You can track beasts and tame them to be your faithful companion, too, which is also fun, while using a range of guns, bows and crossbows. Taming beasts as pets and using them is fun, right(?), because the Pet Battle system is a hugely fun timesink as you run around questing.

Well, it would be if the Hunter hotkey rotation was more fun and less like playing scales on a piano. While Warriors are using their aggro abilities, waiting for procs and rage and quick-reactions to reflect spells, Paladins are charging up Holy Power with their abilities and unleashing them to inflict damage or provide healing, Druids are playing with the Solar/Lunar bar, Rogues are building up devastating combo points and Priests are keeping everyone's health bars topped off, Hunters are just hitting things with arrows. Or bullets.


In a guild group with my friends running through Deadmines, I have never not-enjoyed that Dungeon before. Every other class on Alliance I've played has run through there - usually we made it, occasionally not - and I've enjoyed it every single time. I enjoyed getting to the point where I could solo it with each of my characters, too. This time, however, it was the most boring progression I've ever done. It was the usual combination of a Warrior to tank, a Paladin to heal, two Hunters (including me) to DPS and a Druid to do whatever they felt like at the time.

And I've never been more bored in all of Warcraft.

That's really saying something considering the situation: I'm in a group of offline friends who decided to get back into Warcraft all at once, so formed ourselves a guild. My girlfriend was sitting with me at my place on a laptop, with her two housemates playing at their home together and a fifth joining in from a third location. We even cleared the Deadmines pretty quickly, mowing through the mobs left, right and centre. I also picked up a new weapon and a couple of pieces of armour for my Hunter, too, dinging twice along the way. And I was still bored.

I went on my Level 50 Paladin and farmed the seasonal 'Love is in the Air' mobs for Lovely Charms and Silk Cloth for an hour afterwards and that was fun in comparison.

That's how boring playing a Hunter is. Transfer gold, transfer items... Delete.


  1. Hunters appear to me to be largely all about e-peen stroking.

    They're boring as hell mechanically but also easy as piss to play.

    Do you have any lvl90s? I've been doing the weekly LFR and every single time there will be at least 2 Hunters in the top 5 (out of 25) DPS.

    Just last week we had a random hunter join our random heroic 5-man. He told us that he had only dinged 90 3 hours ago and on inspection all his gear was green. He then proceeded to pull down a consistent 90k DPS, while the other DPSers in our group were peaking at about 50 and we've been 90 for months in full purples.

    THAT is why people like playing hunters in general.

    I'll be honest, I too have a hunter, a Goblin lvl 87 with a CoreHound pet called Squig.
    Playing him mechanically is boring, but playing him thematically as a Warhammer Squig Herder and RPing with him is great fun.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Doc, That was my problem exactly. Boring to play, easy to win with. At least with a Retri Paladin (another class commonly accused of being 'Auto-Win') I have to *think* what the best rotation is for a particular situation.

      I truly get the RP angle of Hunters with their pets (as with Lock's and their Demons) and it's definitely a draw for me, but actually playing with them? Dear oh lord, no thanks.

      I only got MoP a week or so ago and I've yet to break 86 on my main (Warrior) character, though the Gold flowing in already is immense; I've made around 400G already and have the Blue PvP gear I had with me simply destroyed by regular quest-reward Greens.

      I think my problem is I'm naturally a melee/tank player who likes to arrange that swords and faces collide at high speed. This is why I rolled a Pandaren Monk ("Pandamonkeum", some clever so-and-so had already taken the "-ium" ending) at lunchtime and will be going down the Brewmaster tree.