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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Empire LARP Event 1 - My Character Arc

Ideally, this is what Jacob will end up like.
Less than 24 hours later and 450+ views of my overall thoughts on Empire is absolutely amazing; it has thrown that post right to the top of my 'Most Popular' list by a couple of hundred views. Evidently sharing the link in a Facebook Group with 2,069 members is a good idea to get readers. Thanks to everyone who read it, and everyone who's reading this.

Onward to the post itself, though! I realise everyone is the hero of their own story, so this will feel very me-centric. That can't really be helped, as it's my story, but hey. Whether you're a new LARPer, vaguely interested thanks to my last post, or just looking for something to read in order to not do work, then this is the post for you.

I went to Empire as a LARPing newbie with an overall one-point plan of what to do thanks to Tom our OC group co-ordinator, but little idea of who my character - Jacob of the Cenotaph, a Highguard Warrior/Priest - actually was. I ended up discovering this character by playing him (shock horror), and it all seemed to click.

It felt like Jacob had a full, important, character arc across the weekend.  If Jacob were to be filed away and never played again, he had his moments in the sun. Based on the actions of that weekend, be might have got himself a redlink on a wiki or, at best, a two-paragraph article with no picture and half-truth information that you don't really want to trust because, y'know, internet. But here's how it went...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Empire LARP Event 1 Impressions

It's three weeks since I attended the first event of Empire, which means it's three weeks that I've reflected, frothed (apparently that's a thing), planned, purchased and arranged for the second event of Empire at the end of May.

As I said in a post before, as well as to anyone who'd listen at the time, this was my first LARP event. Perhaps it was some way of making sure they'd go easy on me, or more likely just a way of expressing enthusiasm. The most heartening response was a sarcasm-absent "Really? I wouldn't have guessed."

In short, I loved it.