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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Empire LARP Event 2 - Moments

It just gets better.

This time without below-zero temperatures and, barring the Friday night gale force storm (that I wasn't there for thanks to M6 closures and not wanting to put a tent up in the dark), with plenty of sunshine. So much sunshine, in fact, that I was pink as a lobster by Saturday lunchtime and remained that way for the rest of the event.

Empire's second event over the Spring bank holiday had such an effect on me, that I spent the entire Tuesday evening on Facebook gushing over how good it was, adding new friends and generally planning for the next one. The technical terms for that are 'froth' (as a verb) and 'keen' (as a noun).

In fact, just look at the picture: do you think I enjoyed it? That's serious-face. Game-face. Wave that spear at me once more and I'll disembowel you-face.