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Friday, June 21, 2013

Reach High

Me aspiring to let the army General take the first swing.
"I've got your back, Tyrus. Go get 'em."
Image ©2013 Oliver Facey - oliverfacey.co.uk
"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for ever dream precedes the goal."
- Pamela Vaull Starr

It's mentioned pretty much everywhere that Empire is an 'aspirational' game in terms of costume and kit. The idea, apparently, is that as long as you do your best and keep on improving, then that's fine.

There are no 'miminum' requirements beyond no jeans, no trainers, no heavy metal t-shirts. It's like the complete opposite of Bloodstock, save for the pretend pagan magic.

The aspirations don't just limit themselves to how you look. Everywhere, whether it's on PD's blog posts, Facebook comments or the extremely extensive (but not particularly well categorised) Empire wiki, there's plenty of purple prose about people working to make the game better for everyone else.  It's a theme that runs through the entire organisation, background setting, battles and especially to the actions on the field. But how do you, as one of anything up to around 2,000 people, make the game better for the other 1,999?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

XBox One Vs Playstation 4

Microsoft appear to be doing absolutely everything they can to piss gamers off left, right and centre. Although Sony are by no means perfect, they are coming off as the pristine and pure gamer-loving company who is taking them into the next generation with a warm, gentle embrace, rather than the sledgehammer to the groin that Microsoft are doing.

The downsides of the Playstation 4 seem minisucle in comparison to the Xbox One's cavalcade of errors. PSN is now paid-for, there's a ridiculous 'Share' button on the controller and a silly light, too, for no apparent reason. The touchpad is also fairly pointless and the Spectating feature is odd.

And that's it. But what's wrong with the Xbox One (as I try desperately not to call it the XBoner)?

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Marvel Heroes Review

Steam tells me I've spent 6 hours playing the fairly new (not even been officially released for a week) Free-to-Play MMO Marvel Heroes which, I reckon, is more than enough time to decide whether a game is good or not. It only took me 20 minutes, for instance, to decide the Lord of the Rings Online was rubbish (it really, really is), but I ended up playing that for 2 hours just to make sure.

While LOTRO was a straight-up clone of World of Warcraft, Marvel Heroes is taking its 'inspiration' from Diablo. You choose your favourite hero from the ones available and run off punching things in an MMO Acion-RPG.

This leads to the totally immersion-breaking experience of watching three Hawkeyes, two Things and a Daredevil running around beating up the various villains that populate every square inch of the game world. At least the further you get, the more diversity in characters there is, and the more likely a 'real' looking team is in the same place.

You can play it solo, you can play in a group, or you can do the odd combination of randomly auto-teaming with people who happen to be in the same instance as you. Thankfully (or should that be 'narrowly'), there's only ever one goal in these instances, which is beat someone up.