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Monday, October 14, 2013

Use the Force. Like Always.

Everything wrong with Star Wars in one image
Every time you see something about Star Wars, it's the same thing again and again; they're variations on a theme, at best.

Putting aside the fact it's all about making money anyway, when you see Star Wars, it's always about swinging lightsabers and using the Force in special effects-laden action sequences.

I firmly hold the opinion that George Lucas completely fluked Star Wars' initial success, mostly down to Ralph McQuarrie's defining concept art and ILM's amazing SFX that set a new benchmark for effects in movies.

But what has every iteration of the franchise done since? Relied on without buidling on it. I'm not one of those Star Wars fans who claims that Episodes I-III ruined my childhood, nor that Return of the Jedi did it, either. In fact Jedi was one of the most-watched VHS tapes I had as a child, just behind Transformers: The Movie. What's wrong is that the swishy-slicey light show that was a highlight in the original three films became the centrepiece of the prequel triliogy and countless games, TV shows and fan works ever since.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The U-Turn Fascination

"Who is that strange Westerner," I imagine the locals think, "who keeps his car between the odd white lines on the road, drives at a speed that happens to be the same as the numbers on signs at the side of the road, and also uses those flashing orange things at the corners of his car before he makes turns and changes lanes? These crazy foreigners!"

Driving in the UAE is... interesting. It's something I'm getting used to, and I'm not sure whether that's something I should feel good about, or not. Even as I write this, every so often I hear cars screeching to a halt at the junction outside that our balcony overlooks. The sound of horns beeping just fades into the background after a while.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sheikhs 'n' Blogs 'n' RAK & Goals

2013 has been a fairly slim year for me making posts on this blog, mostly because it has been a crazy year with very little time to even stop and think, never mind begin to write about what I was thinking. Outside of my experiences LARPing, I've not really written anything here at Empirical Purple.

So, to sum events up in a condensed fashion as possible for everyone who's not glued to my social media output: in the past few months I've got married and moved from the UK to the UAE with my wife, Kasia, who has a job out here. So I'm currently an unemployed house husband in the Middle East and, after living here for a little over six weeks, everything is finally falling into place.

But what's it like? I imagine you've asked yourself that by now, if you've read this far. For my wife's friends, too, who may be reading this - Kasia hasn't had time to really post on Facebook about her life here, either, so this is a combination of both our experiences!