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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Lovely Weather. Again.

There's something about being British that makes you talk about the weather. It's the comfortable chitchat crutch that is always ready to leap to the defence of those who can't think of anything to say. The weather is uncontroversial, unlike the topics of Politics, Religion or increasingly Sport, it always changes and, whether it's good, bad, seasonable or unseasonable, you can drop it into conversation whenever you like.

Except in the United Arab Emirates.

Here the weather is hot and the skies are generally clear, though with the intense humidity you can rarely see a horizon. In the three months we've been here, there's been one single sandstorm, which lasted about half an hour and was barely worthy of the name. It also might possibly have rained 1 or 2mm overnight, once. Maybe.

'How's the weather?' someone from back home will ask, 'Lovely. Again.' is the only response. Our three points of contact with British weather are phone calls to and from home, anything out of the ordinary on the BBC News website and finally watching live Premiership football after dark.

Yes, with the time difference that means the 'early' matches are on in the afternoon here, your classic 3pm on a Saturday tradition is actually 7pm when it's already been dark for an hour and the 'late' kick-offs and Champions League matches start just short of midnight.

As the UK is thinking about whether Bonfire Night is going to be rained off, and the run-up to the odds of a white Christmas, in Ras al Khaimah today it's set to be a high of 32 degrees, with an overnight low of 19 degrees.

Could be worse, you know, we're just starting to turn the Air Conditioning off in the house and the car. Only at night, though, of course.

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