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Thursday, December 05, 2013

How to Flirt - the UAE guide

In a country where boys and girls go on separate school trips, where you can't even shake hands when introduced to a member of the opposite gender and where all dates are chaperoned, you'd wonder how and where young people here find the time to flirt.

You have to wait for December 2nd each year, evidently, as National Day comes around. This year marked the 42nd anniversary of the formation of the UAE after it ceased to be a British Protectorate.

Everyone grabs a UAE flag, scarf, hat, jewellery or other suitably decorative patriotic item and heads for the city's Corniche - essentially the main drag that runs alongside the sea - to show their patriotism, wave their flags and beep the horns of their decorated cars.

The other 364 days of the year they just beep the horns of their un-decorated cars, of course.

Anyway, with what felt like the entire city milling around the Corniche, everyone was happy and there was impromptu dancing, car parading, fireworks (often from hand-held tubes poking out of a sunroof), massive flags attached to the back of massive 4x4s getting caught in regular-sized trees and, finally, silly string. Lots of silly string.

Now the picture I've used makes sense, of course.

They sprayed it at cars, they sprayed it at the floor when they had no other targets, but mostly they sprayed it at the opposite sex. Wandering around for the whole evening it was notable that the prettier teenage girls were covered in the most string and foam.

The little boys targeted each other, because of course at that age all girls smell. The slightly older ones, however, who obviously don't get much of an opportunity to find out that girls generally smell quite nice, thank-you very much, used their cans of foam and silly string as a means of rare interaction with the fairer sex by immediately deciding to spray them in the face.

What do you mean it's not symbolic?

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