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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Licence to Sponsor

I posted about driving in the UAE before, concentrating on my experiences on the road: U-Turns, beeping, roundabouts and the like. Outside of this, of course, you have the admin.

Arriving freshly into the country and looking to hire a car was actually pretty easy. I entered on a 30 day tourist visa and was allowed to hire a vehicle and drive away quite happily on my UK licence.

My wife, on the other hand, had the beginnings of a work permit and residence visa, so her UK licence wasn't good enough, and she needed to wait until first her National ID card came through, before getting herself a local licence before she was allowed to drive our hire car. so I played taxi for a month, which was absolutely fine.

Then, however, I started the process of getting myself UAE Residency, which then made my UK licence invalid, so I wasn't legally allowed to drive our hire car. Great. But how do you go about getting your UAE licence?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now I'm Dreaming. Can I Believe?

Liverpool's victory over Manchester City meant that I was daring to dream. Could it possibly be that the first League title since I was seven years old is finally within our grasp, all these years later?

As a Liverpool fan, I rarely have cause to complain. I've seen three FA Cups, five League Cups, a UEFA Cup and a European Cup all make their way back to the Anfield trophy cabinet. Compared to pretty much everyone except Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, the Premier League era has been good to Liverpool in every way except one: the actual Premier League title itself.

'Here's another plastic scouser coming out of the woodwork when the title is currently two wins and a draw away,' you might say. 'Here's a lifelong Liverpool fan desperately latching on to something important as a reason to keep posting on his blog', I say.